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Data Reflections

Reflections are optimized data structures that can dramatically accelerate query execution.

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  • Self-Paced

What you will learn

After the course, you will:

  • Understand what reflections are and how they work
  • Recognize common use cases for reflections
  • Confidently create and configure reflections on your virtual and physical datasets
  • Identify the use of reflections in query profiles
  • Configure the options for reflection refresh as appropriate for your use case

The course includes short videos and hands-on examples.

Before you start

A few details before getting started:

  • Consider reviewing the content of D101 - Dremio Fundamentals
  • Dremio University works best with the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer version 9 and above. For additional browser compatibility information, see edX Browser Support
  • Online access is required for YouTube and Dremio University
  • The course includes a virtual Dremio environment for use during the course. To install Dremio in your own environment for later use, see Dremio Deployment